Sunday, February 6, 2011

Musings on the Super Bowl

Brought to you by Cialis
  • Christina Aguilera muffed the National Anthem, which just goes to show what happens when people make her sing with clothes on.
  • Sitting outside the the stadium watching the Super Bowl on a big TV is like walking your date to her front door and then making love to her mailbox.
  • A car that provides automatic Facebook updates makes us yearn for a car that tweets the firmness of our BMs.
  • Somewhere Axl Rose is throwing a television out of a Motel 6 listening to Fergie butcher Sweet Child O' Mine. At least he had the decency to wear a catcher's mask when he was caterwauling.
  • Didn't Slash used to be a rock star?
  • The producer responsible for the sound mix for the Black Eyed Peas should probably start updating his resume. Haven't seen that many dead mikes since This Is It.
  • Eminem is lapping the field as biggest celebrity whore of Super Bowl 45. When did the Real Slim Shady start shilling soft drinks?
  • The Packers have a guy named Frank Zombo... George Romero needs to get cracking on a Super Bowl of the Dead script.
  • The new Mini "Cram in the the Boot" commercial seems ready made for a porn parody.
  • Kim Kardashian just did a high gloss version of her sex tape, but I think I'm supposed to buy women's cross trainers or something.
  • How does that taste Brett Favre? Maybe you and Joe Montana can hold each other and have a pity party sometime.

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  1. The Real Slim Shady didn't start shilling for Coca Cola or Pepsi either -- he was pimping Brisk Iced Tea of all things (is that a further step down?) in a commercial that ended with the assertion that he didn't do commercials. That was then followed later with another Eminem commercial...