Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prince: Gett Off or Get off

Reminds me of something James used to say...
Listen up, y'all. If Prince invites you up on stage to dance with him during one of his concerts than you had best shake your ass for His Purpleness. Otherwise, this is liable to go down:

No, you're not having a seizure that is, in fact, Kim Kardashian at the 1:00 mark. And that is Prince waving her away with a dismissive, "get off the stage" at the 1:15 mark. Important safety tip: you've got approximately fifteen seconds to get seriously funky, or you are out on your sizable ass. Prince doesn't play that awkward, giggly, hand clapping white girl shit. "Gett Off" or get off the stage. That's the menu. Prince thought he made it pretty clear when he sang:
I like 'em fat. I like 'em proud
Ya gotta to have a mother for me
Now move your big ass 'round this way
So I can work on that zipper, baby.
And in kicking her off stage, Prince has, for us, ascended to the level of role model. Never thought that the author of "Darling Nicky" would ever make it to role model status, but "get off the stage" are words to live by... The stage is only so big, and the show lasts only so long. So from the extraordinarily talented to the unnervingly untalented, if you've got no reason to be up here then "get off the stage."

Coin it. Mint it. That phrase belongs in the cultural lexicon and applies equally to any quasi-celebrity clinging to minute sixteen of their Warhol fame orgy. Thank you, Your Royal Badness for showing us the way. 

Did you hear Bristol Palin is writing a memoir? A memoir? Please. Get off the stage, Bristol.... damn that felt good.

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