Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Melanie Spanopoulos: Love in the Age of Facebook

Don't not "friend" Melanie Spanopoulos.
Apparently this digital age Amy Fisher takes her Facebook seriously. Ever had one of those awkward "why haven't you accepted my friend request" conversations? The ones where you say you just don't check Facebook that often but actually you've consigned the person to Friend Limbo (Frimbo)? Ever had your cousin run you down with her van (twice) because she found out some guy accepted you, but rejected her? No? Well, Giselle Penagos has and her cousin Melanie don't play that.

How does a fight about a Facebook "friend" even work?

Giselle Penagos
Status Update: So SAD the Jets lost. A little wasted. Driving home with my cuz!
Favorite Activities: Walking. Boys.

Melanie Spanopoulos
Status Update: Fucking Jets. So angry right now. Nobody better mess with me.
Favorite Activities: "getting drunk" and "speaking gibberish" *Actual favorite activities

A short time later...

Giselle Penagos
Status Update: Wow, cuz is trippin' over some boy that likes me. Awkward.
Favorite Activities: Misjudging the seriousness of situations.

Melanie Spanopoulos
Status Update: I'm so pissed cause my cousin thinks she's all that. Whatev.
Favorite Activities: Bad Decisions, Overreacting.

A Squeal of Tires, and Short Tussle later...

Melanie Spanopoulos
Status Update: My stupid cousin won't get back in the van. So angry, OMG. Friend my bumper, bitch!
Favorite Activities: Homicidal rage.

Giselle Penagos
Status Update: Holy S#$t, my cuz just ran me over with the van (twice). Can't feel my legs. (Melanie Spanopoulos Likes this)
Favorite Activities: Crawling, Begging for my life.

Melanie Spanopoulos
Status Update: OMG, speedbump city!
Favorite Activities: Vehicular assault, Fleeing the scene.

Giselle Penagos
Status Update: Argh, my fucking pelvis is broken. So is my leg!
Favorite Activities: Rehab.

Melanie Spanopoulos
Status Update: Arraignments suck, but the bailiff is a hottie.
Favorite Activities: Making Bail, Finding a lawyer.
Events: My Trial.


  1. Hey assholes don't believe everything you read first of all how do you survive if your run over not once but two times by a van and second of all Giselle jumped out of the van going 30mph with a 2.0 blood alcohol level thirdly melanies mom and dad took Giselle in when her family didn't want anything to do with her after she was arrested twice and spent 14 days in rikers island they not only fed her and gave her a safe place to live but also gave her a sweet sixteen party which they paid for also melanies mom took care of Giselle and her two sisters one who was a new born for 3weeks because her mom was in the hospital with kidney failure and there was no one else to take care of them and lastly Giselle would not get back in the van that night and she wouldn't let Melanie call the police because she had a warrant out on herself and did not want to get arrested again if she was so hurt how did she walk to and get into the good samaritians car and why didn't she go to the hospital that was right around the corner from where this happened no she first went all the way to queens to her fathers house and then she went to the hospital where she did not even have one broken bone she had a cut on her forehead from hitting the door as she jumped out and a cut on her right leg also from when she jumped out so you have heard the saying don't make a mountain out of a mole hill well this is exactly what happened in this case

  2. U can only feel sorry.. she obviously wasnt raised properly, what a disgusting young girl, shame she should be confined to a room with padded walls.. pathetic lowlife.. and her face is hideous

    1. She's a lot prettier than that picture, and her parents are pretty nice.

    2. she IS trailer trash, and her parents must be as well. i find it impossible to believe anything other than the story states. i mean obviously if the girl was hospitalized there was some serious damage done to her, regardless of the stipulations. She looks like a crackhead to begin with, and behaves as one as well apparantly. This is the type of girl that should NEVER reproduce, especially because she looks like a MAN!

    3. Those are some very judgmental assertions that you have made. Although it is clear that this young lady has had some misdirection in her life, it is neither proper nor fair to condemn her or her family. It is only proper and fair to condemn her actions at that specific time. We are all a product of all of our life experiences and the social and biological tools that we have been presented throughout our life. It would not be fair to say that one action on one night is the fault of one single variable in someone’s life, as you assert to be her “white trash parents”. As a criminological theorist and researcher, knowing what prison can lead to, I hope that this young lady gains some valuable and redirecting life experience if faced with a conviction and nothing less. I hope you can look at what you said and see how easily with the right combination of missing or bad experiences you could be in a similar situation. You should think about how your insults effect the family and parents of this girl; if they saw your post. Makes your actions hurtful; which is precisely what you are denouncing this young lady for.