Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rep. Paul Broun Locks Himself in His Room

I love it when they call me Big Baby!
Put Your hands in the air
if you are laisez-faire!
We've tried to swear off writing about politics since the mid-terms, but knew that eventually something would drag us back in. Surprisingly it came in the form of a tweet from Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia. Broun, who found the idea of sitting alongside Democrats at the State of the Union too "kissy-kissy" for his tastes, refused to play nice and instead sat in his office pouting and tweeting. We like to imagine him playing with his favorite stuffed tiger, and grousing about how he never gets to have any fun. Our favorite tweet of the night was:
Mr. President, you don't believe in the Constitution. You believe in socialism.
Paul, you do understand that the Constitution and socialism are not mutually exclusive concepts? We're not saying Obama does or does not believe in socialism, but one can believe in both the Constitution and Socialism simultaneously without rupturing the fabric of time/space. In fact, one can believe in any economic system and also believe in the Constitution because neither capitalism nor socialism are forms of government. Democracy does not, in fact, equal capitalism.

This may come as a surprise to you, Paul, but the words "capitalism," "capitalist" and "capitalistic" are nowhere to be found in the Constitution. Don't believe me? Here is a link to a .PDF of the Consitution at When you're done searching vainly, why don't you go back and read it instead of Tweeting about it? We vaguely remember you folks read the Constitution out loud to ring in the new session of Congress in January. Were you too busy tweeting to listen then too, or have you been willfully misinterpreting the Founders' document for personal political gain?

Out of curiosity, Paul, when will you be introducing a bill to abolish your Alma Mater, The University of Georgia? Only a sick, socialism loving weirdo like Barack Obama would advocate using tax dollars public, affordable education for children. That would be a "social" good, and we're not having that. Either they have the capital or they don't, right Paul?

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  1. He can kissy-kissy my ass! What a stupid partisan politician!
    Oh, and he can Die in a Fire!